Ceili Oy Fights Climate Change by Planting Ancient Forests for the Future

Ceili Oy has joined Salesforce and Puuni Oy in a joint venture addressing climate change. We want to ensure that we leave our planet livable for future generations. In the initial phase of our contribution, we planted a carbon sink forest in Marjamäki, Lempäälä, Finland. To protect the carbon sink forest, it will be considered by contract to be 100 years old. 

Ceili personnel participated in the planting of the ancient forest in Lempäälä on May 18, 2021. Thanks to the planting of these trees, we are now able to absorb 80 tons of CO2. Our goal is to compensate for the environmental impact of our own business. In the future, we will seek a cooperation model with Puuni, whereby each time we acquire a new customer, we commit to planting more ancient forests.  

Our partner, Puuni Oy, is responsible for planting the forests in their entirety. Puuni turns wastelands into carbon-binding, complex, mixed forests. The target areas for planting are those that are not naturally prone to forestation. For more information on the services provided by Puuni, visit: https://puuni.fi/en/ 

Google Maps Coordinates of the planted forests: 61.365848, 23.810150 

Amount of CO2 bound: 80 tons 

For more information on our joint venture: https://puuni.fi/marjamaki-2-lempaala/


Sami Kettunen, CEO Ceili Oy 

Tel. +358 50 386 5555 


Cover photo: © Tom Lahti 2021

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