Ceili and the Dutch Booker25 signed a cooperation agreement

Ceili Oy, a company specializing in Salesforce technology, has signed a cooperation agreement with the Dutch company Booker25.

Booker25 software enables customers to build reservation system for facilities, resources, and services. With this software, the customer can manage their own resources and give their customers a real-time view of resources. The software’s calendar view is very intuitive and easy to use. For more information about Booker25, visit: https://www.booker25.com/

The software is a native Salesforce implementation that can be quickly integrated into customer resources and seamlessly integrates with other Salesforce platform functionality. Based on Ceili’s evaluation and customer implementations, it is a technically well-built and seamlessly integrated software module.

If you are interested in the software, we will be happy to organize a demo event with you.

More information: Sami Kettunen, CEO, Tel. +358 50 3865555, sami.kettunen@