Steerprop unified their operations with the help of Salesforce

Steerprop was founded in 2000 to develop and manufacture propulsion systems for the most demanding seafaring conditions. Hundreds of ships (for example every third icebreaker in operation) have solutions tailored to their intended need. Steerprop currently employs more than 70 professionals and delivers its solutions to more than 50 different countries. But how did Steerprop unified their operations with Salesforce?

Steerprop’s success is based on consideration of customers’ special needs and uncompromising determination to solve even the toughest challenges. Experience with the requirements of arctic regions, dedication to absolute reliability and commitment to continuous development work have proven to be a competitive advantage for both Steerprop and their customers.

Steerprop unified their operations with Salesforce

For some time, Steerprop had needed a CRM system that could support the work of sales and marketing and unify the company’s operations. After the comparison carried out in the beginning of 2020, the company chose Salesforce® as the system and started cooperation with Ceili.

With the help of Ceili, Steerprop implemented Sales Cloud®, which enables better grouping of sales projects in Salesforce. Some customization was done in the optimization of the tool. Soon after the implementation, CPQ sales configurator for managing a wide product portfolio and Pardot (Account Engagement®) as a marketing tool were also added to Salesforce.

As the next development project, Community Cloud® is planned to be implemented in Salesforce. With Community Cloud Steerprop’s sales network will also be brought into a unified process.

What benefits have Steerprop achieved with Salesforce?

Salesforce has made it possible to unify operating methods and model the sales process with Steerprop. In addition, the cooperation between sales and marketing has become much more concrete. The process now has a clearer structure that helps and guides Steerprop’s experts in their daily work.

The partnership and the features of the environment are still maintained with monthly meetings with Ceili. Where the current situation and questions related to Salesforce are reviewed. At Steerprop, Salesforce has also become a significant reporting tool for business management. Which can be used to accurately communicate trends and future trends.

How has the cooperation gone?

Steerprop’s Director (Sales & Project Management) Juho Rekola and IT Manager Lari Saari are satisfied with the cooperation, where Ceili and Steerprop are united by a clear solution orientation:

"With the growth of our company, there was a clear need for a modern CRM system that would enable us to systematically manage customer relationships and document sales processes. With the help of open discussions and joint brainstorming with Ceili, we are looking for solutions that will enable us to develop our previous methods of operation. Our companies are united by a strong focus on solutions, which also helped us move forward nicely even from the challenges that arose along the way. From the beginning, we had a clear common goal and a mutual understanding of where we were going."

From Ceili’s side, project manager Sanna Kallio is also very satisfied with the partnership between Ceili and Steerprop and thanks the customer for the courage with which they have been involved in the project.

"The cooperation has gone well, and the conversation has been open on both sides. We have been able to deal with both successes and challenges openly, and after a good couple of years a strong partnership has formed. Steerprop has boldly set out to expand the product portfolio, even though the major implementations were carried out completely remotely due to the pandemic."

Steerprop unified their operations with Salesforce

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