Salesforce Partner Ceili – focused purely on Salesforce platform.

We want to bring Finnish companies world-class products for sales, marketing, customer service and other business needs. We work closely with Salesforce experts.

Our customers especially thank us for our quick response and willingness to serve, as well as our pleasant nature.

Salesforce Partner

Salesforce Partner Ceili – Read our Story

Ceili started the Salesforce business in 2014 and joined Salesforce’s Partner program in 2015. During the first years of operation, the development work was initially small-scale, but started to grow over the years. In 2018, the company’s founders decided to invest more strongly in growth. This led to corporatization of Ceili’s business into its own business from Ceili Group in March 2019. From now on, Ceili Oy has focused only on Salesforce business and its growth. In 2019, our turnover was 0.64 million euros and in 2022 it was 2,2 million euros.

During these years, our company has served more than 50 customers and cooperation with almost all of them continues. At the same time, the average size of projects and customers has risen strongly. Most of the customer relationships have developed from a customer-supplier relationship to a close partnership and joint development. Our company’s strength is a committed corporate culture focused on deepening expertise.

Get to know our customers

Our customers’ industries include e.g. industry sector, media, energy, waste management, charity and healthcare. Our strategy is to operate in different industries and focus on Salesforce’s deep expertise and its optimization for different business needs. This strategy works well – our customers’ businesses are very different, but sales, customer service, customer relationship management and digital marketing work in different organizations based on the same starting points.

We want to do our work so well that our customer’s project manager becomes a star in his or her own organization. This ensures the success of projects and long-term cooperation with our customers. In addition, we invest a lot in the well-being of our employees and make sure that their workload does not become too large. This ensures the endurance of our talents and the success of projects.

Get to know our experts

We also invest in the fact that our staff is diverse and our expertise is constantly deepening. We want to hire long-term IT professionals and young stars of the future for our organization. Our consultants from different backgrounds bring a wealth of experience to our work and help us better understand the different needs of our customers. We want to be an uncomplicated and comfortable partner. The average of Ceili’s grades in Salesforce’s satisfaction surveys is 4.9/5.0, which means that we have succeeded very well in this goal.

Ceili’s goal is to be one of Finland’s best-known and most sought-after Salesforce partners. The goal has made good progress, but the work towards the goal still continues.

Salesforce Partner

Diversity of experts

Long-term IT professionals as well as young stars of the future – there are as many different starting points and career paths as there are experts, so apply boldly!

Salesforce Partner


We take care of the overall well-being of our experts – we offer, for example, an Oura ring or a Polar smart watch to each of our new employees to help monitor their own well-being.

Salesforce Partner

Successful projects

We invest in long-term customer relationships and creating genuine business value – we make sure that our customer’s project manager becomes a star!

Ceili's values

We are easy to work with

We are a bold and bring business insight

We own our responsibility

We work together

We grow profitably

We have some pretty great talent here at Ceili, and our experts are the beating heart of Ceili. Work is done together as a team and knowledge is shared with new experts with enthusiasm.

Some of our customers

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“We needed a reliable partner to carry out the CPQ implementation. The key issue at the start was to define the project on a very detailed level, and continue the implementation after definition phase was carried out. Ceili succeeded very well in all phases of the project, and we will continue with them in the future development projects.”

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Customer experiences

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