Kaleva media develops their Salesforce solution together with Ceili

Kaleva Media is a multimedia company that provides locally interesting content, service models, and platforms. The media business invests in high-quality journalism, content products, and comprehensive advertising solutions in various digital channels and printed media. Kaleva Media includes 13 news media units, for example Kaleva and Lapin Kansa, as well as the local Radio Kaleva. In addition to news media, the influencer marketing agency Indieplace, the marketing agency Kolmas Polvi Oy, and the magazine publisher Kolmiokirja Oy are also part of Kaleva Media. In 2022, the company’s turnover was over 64 million euros, and it employs about 700 people.

Kaleva Media initiated the implementation of Salesforce® in 2020. The platform is very versatile and customizable, offering many possibilities, so in the summer of 2021 Kaleva Media decided to further develop it. With the need for further development, Kaleva Media reviewed potential Salesforce partners. The Salesforce Finland business unit assisted in evaluating different partners. Based on the evaluation, Kaleva Media decided to choose Ceili as its Salesforce development partner, and the collaboration began in the fall of 2021.

Kaleva media develops their Salesforce solution

In the first phase, Ceili familiarized itself with the already built Salesforce environment and its development needs. Following this, the planning of the roadmap and the implementation work were initiated.

Kaleva Media’s Systems Development Manager Erika Warpenius did thorough work in the selection of the new partner:

"We went through different suppliers and based on several recommendations, we decided to take a closer look at Ceili. We discussed their references with Ceili and even called several of them. In addition, we interviewed the key personnel of the team offered to us. Based on these, we decided to choose Ceili as our new partner. Especially the discussions held with their customers spoke of good quality and a genuine desire to help customers."

Ceili’s project manager Sanna Kallio finds the Kaleva Media project an interesting and pleasantly challenging entirety:

"Working with a multimedia company like Kaleva Media, which has many demanding needs, has been really interesting. Our collaboration encompasses a lot of customized implementation work, integrations, and a tailored advertising sales and execution platform solution for media companies, as well as the development of ADvendio. Salesforce bends very well to the needs of a multimedia company when tailored solutions are planned and implemented carefully together."

Kaleva Media’s Salesforce includes for example these tools:

  1. ADvendio
    1. It manages sales, meaning it includes service solutions with information about sold packages and their channels (for example, to which magazine and what kind of advertisement).
    2. Additionally, inventory management and billing functions are performed with ADvendio modules.
  2. Marketing Cloud Account Engagement® (previously known as Pardot)
    1. With which Kaleva Media has been able to automate and target its marketing to be more effective.
    2. Targeted and automated marketing generates more leads and facilitates event marketing and customer communication.
  3. Service Cloud®
    1. Where there has been a particular focus on automating customer service functionalities and operating a multimedia company’s diverse customer service entity.
  4. Ropo integration
    1. Which enables the sending of invoices to the end customer directly from Salesforce.
    2. This way, it is possible to view the entire Kaleva Media customer pipeline from the same platform, from marketing to billing.

Kaleva media develops their Salesforce solution with Ceili’s multidisciplinary expert team, which includes consultants, developers, and architects. The work is directed by weekly team meetings and steering group meetings held once a month. In addition, an extended steering group meeting is held once a quarter, where various business units of Kaleva Media are represented.

Erika Warpenius is pleased with the smoothness of the collaboration and the success of the plans:

"Ceili's experts have made a big impression on me. They genuinely want to delve into our development needs and have together with us drawn up a good Roadmap for the development work. In addition, the communication is straightforward and proactive. Also, our main goal; the speed of development work and the quality of implementation, has been realized in our cooperation in the desired way."

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