Tana makes their business more efficient with Salesforce

Tana is a Finnish environmental technology company whose goal is to help customers improve their own mechanical waste handling processes and get more added value from waste. Tana’s head office is located in Finland, but the vast majority of its manufactured products are exported. Tana has customers in 50 different countries globally. In 2020 Tana’s turnover was 26 million euros, where the drop in the company’s normal growth rate was caused by the corona virus. In the current fiscal year, the company is already at the level of more than 40 million euros. But how did Tana made their business more efficient with Salesforce?

Business more efficient with Salesforce – Digital platform solution

Tana has already been digitizing its business processes for a few years. And at the end of 2020 it was time to start a major system reform in the dealer and customer interface. As a central part of the reform, Salesforce® was chosen as the platform on which Tana’s digital marketing tools, global sales pipeline management and customer service functions were built.

Tana chose Ceili Oy as the partner for the implementation of the Salesforce platform:

Business more efficient with Salesforce

"We went through a few technology options and ended up with Salesforce, because in our estimation it best offers a flexible and customizable ecosystem for our business. Ceili was chosen as the partner based on their experience and business vision."

What does Tana’s Salesforce actually include?

The project has implemented the entirety of Tana’s customer management. Which covers:

  1. digital marketing,
  2. CRM,
  3. a customer service solution and
  4. integrations with the dealers’ portal.

Salesforce can handle Tana’s marketing and lead generation, sales pipeline and customer management activities all the way to customer service and support services. Integrating the system into the dealers’ portal provides a comprehensive digital service platform from customer attraction to the sales phase and customer management.

Mirja Yli-Erkkilä sees their Salesforce as an important cornerstone in future growth and the development of customer experience:

"The system has great financial and strategic importance for us. We receive significant financial benefits thanks to work efficiency and automation. In addition, we are better able to serve our customers when our entire staff can see the customer's overall picture from Salesforce. In addition, the company's internal operations have developed with the system, as it supports the close cooperation of different functions"

Straightforward and agile cooperation

The project was carried out in the planned schedule. Ceili was responsible for implementing and configuring sales, service and marketing in accordance with Tana’s business processes.

"Collaboration with Tana was straightforward and agile. Such a project is successful when the parties together make the project definitions and iteratively review the results throughout the project. For the success of the project, a big thank you also goes to Tana's personnel, who were able to actively participate in the development and testing throughout the project."

Mirja Yli-Erkkilä sees it the same way:

"At the beginning of a project like this, all the requirements and needs are not yet clear. With cooperation and flexibility, we were able to complete the project, and it was really great that the project's schedule and budget were kept. Now the integrations are being finalized and the benefits of the system will be put to full use."

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