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Salesforce is the market’s leading CRM platform solution, which smoothly brings sales, marketing, and customer service together on one platform. It is possible to fully customize the platform to suit your business and connect the necessary invoicing, quotation, HR, and project management tools. But how do you choose which clouds or modules within Salesforce would be the most useful for you? In this blog, we open the tools of Salesforce Experience Cloud, and the business benefits it brings, but remember that the best understanding is achieved by having a conversation with a partner from the perspective of your business.

Experience Cloud – deepen the digital experience

As the name suggests, Experience Cloud offers a new kind of opportunity to create remarkable customer experiences. Experience Cloud is a platform that enables companies to connect customers, partners, and employees to each other and manage all the information they need from one place. It enables the sharing of files, data, and recordings anywhere and on any device.

It is possible to build communities on the platform to deepen customer relationships or provide better service. In addition, customers can help each other online and learn from each other. The platform makes it possible to connect external partners, resellers, and brokers, which reduces the loss of information and speeds up processes.

Because Experience Cloud is built on the Salesforce platform, it is possible to connect any third-party system or import data from outside. With the help of Experience Cloud, you can streamline the most important business processes and facilitate cooperation between departments, as well as involve customers and partners. Customer service becomes more efficient, contract signing times are faster and information moves in real time.

1. Use ready-made solutions or customize yourself

In Experience Cloud, it is possible to build a customer service center, a self-service page, an account maintenance portal, a partner portal, and a customized landing page easily. You can also build an experience that is completely your own look and needs, or you can customize an entity that supports your industry, where the customer is taken through the necessary steps. And Experience Cloud doesn’t just serve customers. You can create your company’s internal service points, such as HR or IT support. In this way, employees find the answers when they need them. The mobile versions are also customizable, because nowadays many people use mobile devices to fulfill ever wider needs.

2. Create pre-planned paths and guide the customer

Often, certain paths can be noticed from the website behavior, which are repeated at least partially in the same way for several customers. When the system collects data, based on it, it is possible to create pre-planned paths that guide the customer to wherever he wants to go – easily and quickly. In addition, along the way, you can bring the customer additional information that he was not directly looking for but can appreciate. In this way, it is possible to exceed expectations and strengthen customer relationships. You can combine the knowledge of several units in the same path: marketing, sales, customer service and e-commerce can all be combined.

3. Engage and deepen

When efforts are made to create an experience, deeper customer relationships are created, and new customers become more engaged. You can monitor the behavior, make changes based on it and analyze the impact of the changes. You can also easily report the results to management. You can notice problem situations or points where the customer often leaves the experience path and adjust these. When the customer is satisfied, he or she will probably stay in the customer relationship longer.

4. Integrate and guide from the same platform

Since Experience Cloud works with Salesforce, they are naturally connected to each other. This means easy movement of information in both directions, utilizing customer data as part of creating new experiences, and connecting external integrations to the whole if there is a need for it.

Here is just a summary of the benefits of Salesforce Experience Cloud, as the platform’s possibilities are limitless and fully customizable to the needs of different industries. Therefore, you can get the best picture of the platform’s possibilities by talking to a Salesforce partner or a Salesforce representative. We will gladly go through your needs and think together how Salesforce could serve you.

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